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St Vladimir and St Olga

Who We are

St. Vladimir Memorial Church is a Russian Orthodox Church in the jurisdiction of Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR).

Our magnificent church was built in commemoration of 1000 year anniversary of the Baptism of Rus’ by Prince Vladimir.

Church Life

Every Sunday we serve Divine Liturgy.

Sunday school - pupils learn Russian and Law of God.

Sisterhood makes luncheons every Sunday, following the Divine Liturgy.

Twelve major Orthodox Feast Days are celebrated.

Special feasts during the year:

  • Bliny Feast - on Sunday before Great Lent starts. Crepes, fish, caviar, raffles, folk music and more! Please join us - its fun! This year Bliny Feast was on Sunday, Feb 5th 2023. Please come next year and help us raise funds for St. Vladimir Memorial Church. Everyone is Welcome!
    • St. Vladimir’s Day - the last Sunday of July. See details here. This year our church feast day is July 30th. Festival at our church included Praying, and Blessing of Water. After servicees parishiners and guests could buy books, souveniers, and icons. Rusian music and food was surely there! Cossacks from Philly sut up a “Cossack’s outpost”, featuring the display of traditional cossack’s armory, archery contests for children, horse-riding, and more!

Online Candle Box

Please choose quantity and size of the candles, then use “PayPal” button on the top to complete the purchase.

We will light the candles during the next liturgy service at the designated location.

You can submit a list of names for Proskomedia (without prosphora). The donation is $1 per every 10 names.

Parish Life

Book Store

Our book kiosk carries books, icons, crosses. It is open after church service on Sundays.

Sunday School

This is where children of our parishioners learn Russian, Theology, Classic Literature, and more.


Sisters make luncheons every Sunday, following the Divine Liturgy.

Help Needed

We welcome your contribution. Be it a candle, a donation, or time spent beatifying the church and the grounds. If you can help, please contact us.


Church Rector is Metropolitan of Eastern America & New York Nicholas (OLHOVSKY), First Hierarch of the ROCOR.



Metropolitan Nicholas (OLHOVSKY)


Deputy Rector

Archpriest Serge (LEDKOVSKY)

Contact us

134 Perrineville Rd
Jackson, NJ 08527